Special Information For Karaoke Jockeys!

We are pleased to offer some special services for the dedicated professionals who bring karaoke to Spokane.

We offer FREE links to your email, web page, or Facebook page. If you provide us with the links, we will add them to the KJ list, next to your name. If somebody wants to: view your web page www , visit your Facebook page f , or Contact you by email ; All they have to do is click on the link by your name and they will go directly to your web page, facebook page, or open an email page in their email program.

(Email links are encrypted to provide increased security.)

Don't have a web page? No Problem! We offer very low cost web hosting and page creation services. We offer this service to KJ's who don't have the budget for commercial web hosting services. Your web page can be tailored to your individual taste, and can include pictures and information about your karaoke service. Unfortunately, we cannot offer email as part of this service, and there are limitations on the options available in these web pages, but the features available will be comparable to what you see on this website.

Click here to see a sample. Or click here to see another one.

If you want to add free links on the KJ List page, or if you want to discuss having your own web page, please

Send us an Email