We have personally visited every venue we have rated.

During our visits, we evaluate 5 different aspects of the venue. Each is rated on a scale of 1-5. A score of 1 represents very poor quality, or the venue does not have any of what we are rating. A score of 5 is for outstanding performance on that item. It is possible that the venue was having an especially good or bad night, at the time of our visit. It is also possible that we were having a good or bad day when we visited. If you think a venue has received an unreasonable score, please contact us and we will look into it. We try to be as fair as possible. These ratings are subjective. Your opinion may differ from ours. We do what we can and hope for the best.

    Rating areas

The 5 areas we rate are each given the same weight. They are listed here in alphabetical order:

Ambiance - The atmosphere of the site. Is it well lit, dirty, poorly arranged, easy to navigate, smelly, or unpleasant? Is the crowd friendly or rude?

Bathrooms - Bathrooms should be well lit, clean, and roomy enough to allow people of various sizes to take care of business. They should be well stocked and smell decent. There should be no puddles on the floor, and patrons should be able to have privacy while doing their thing. There should be enough facilities to insure no one has to wait in line.

Food - Is the food good? How extensive is the menu? Is food served at the proper temperature and well prepared, and delivered as ordered? Is the price reasonable?

Music - Singers should be able to hear themselves and the background music. Volume should be adjusted to compensate for number of people in the place. KJ should be able to maintain the queue properly and not delay between songs. Equipment should be in good working condition and the KJ should know how to use it properly.

Service - Does wait staff monitor tables properly? Are they pleasant and friendly? Are food and drinks brought promptly and orders delivered correctly? Are special orders remembered?

    Scores and Stars

The total score for each venue is converted into a 1-5 star rating. The rating represents ALL of the rating areas, so if a venue does not offer food, their score will be lowered, even though they may offer fantastic karaoke. Likewise, a venue with poor acoustics, faulty karaoke equipment, and a KJ who cannot manage the program, might get a good rating if they have clean bathrooms, great food, and a wonderful atmosphere. This is why the individual scoring is included in the stats. It is not only about the stars.

    Rating Date

The date the venue was last rated is included in the chart. If the venue has changed hands, hired or retrained employees, made improvements, or obtained new equipment or KJ people; the information may be outdated and need a new review. The date shown is the month and year that we last visited the venue. We try to update as often as possible but there are many venues. If you find a rating that seems incorrect, please Contact Us.