Sweet & Sour Notes

Sweet Notes are things we felt were positive features of a venue. Here you will find information about special scheduling, better than average conditions, food, or service, and other features that we felt would appeal to people.

Family friendly means the venue is a restaurant/bar that also has karaoke. When the restaurant area is open, under-age people are allowed. Check with the venue to find out what times they allow people under legal drinking age.

LGBTQ+ friendly means the venue seems to be openly accepting of people of various orientations. This does not mean it is a gay bar. It means they don't discriminate, or allow patrons to discriminate against others because of their orientation.

Sour Notes are things we noted that were negative. These may include things like unpleasant bathrooms, poor quality or overpriced food, defective equipment, limited parking, poor service, etc. Handicap accessibility is important to many people so you may see notes that a site, or the bathrooms have no HC access.

Keep in mind that some of the issues we find may be corrected after we have been to the venue. If you discover that our note may no longer be appropriate, please contact us and we will re-evaluate the venue.